Backyard Assembly Services

Backyard Assembly Service

When it comes to safety, the backyard is a haven. A place to gather and spend time together, have room for a growing family, a safe space to enjoy life and breathe the fresh air. That sounds like something we’re behind, at Ironwood Specialties, our mission is to put a homeowner’s dream home within reach. With professional expertise and experience, your perfect backyard is waiting for you.

Our backyard assembly includes any storage unit or play accessories:

  1. Play structures, see-saws, swings, climbing, slides, trampolines
  2. Fire pits and tables
  3. Storage such as sheds, shelving
  4. Furniture like patio sets, benches
  5. Raised planter boxes, plant stands, trellises
Outdoor Furniture and Raised Beds

Outdoor furniture is practically a must for any backyard, be it some seating or a full grill with cookout ready patio. Whether it’s a new addition or replacement, setting up furniture can be time-consuming matching together parts, securing cushions, and getting same-day assembly is as easy as making an appointment. You can even give the gift of ease to older family members or a new bustling family who have to do most chores with a baby or toddler assistant. By hiring assembly for them you don’t have to worry about anyone hurting their knees on concrete, or little ones running circles around a bunch of parts.

Raised beds and frames for heavy vines require durability and longevity, get the best quality out of your purchase with professional assembly for your plans. If you’d much prefer to keep your hands in the dirt, getting amongst the leaves, or planning your next bed, let Ironwood get the assembly out of the way so you can continue nurturing growth. A sturdy plant bed, new stands, or hanging assemblies can help expand your choices, allowing for changing up your space without any terraforming or expensive work. With an expert touch, your gardening will be renewed with new space for growth or additions.

Ironwood Specialities has experience and familiarity with multiple brands for your convenience, to give you the best work. Let us help make your backyard into the space you’ve been looking for, and guarantee yourself a perfect setup and flawless cleanup. Ironwood Specialties is dedicated to making your house, your home. Call us with any questions you may have, we’re always happy to help put the pieces together!

Get your New Backyard Items Up Fast and Hassle Free!

Ironwood Specialities offers play structure assembly for all types of parents, those looking to save time, others who prefer a professional to put together big projects, and perhaps you just have a few inquisitive hands helping you out. By offering playground and backyard structure assembly services, you get the contractor-level work for your kid’s playground, where the worst thing that could happen is a spilled snack. The safety that comes from having a professional put your new backyard accessory together is like your kid playing on a public playground, locked, bolted and immoveable. In addition to the ease of having someone take care of the building while you spend time with your kid, it can allow you to surprise your family with the new backyard feature, for parties or just for fun. Get that giggle train out of the station and spend some more time in the fresh air once assembly is out of your way.

Kick back and enjoy your purchases on installation day when you hire assembly services! You’ll have a fire pit in time for dinner and a cool breeze. Cutting down on assembly time with a professional gives you more time to enjoy the purchase, no hassle with gas lines, and no piles of plastic to hunt through for plastic bags of hardware. A guarantee of no scratches, placed exactly where you envisioned your new addition. With swift assembly and a professional safety rating, your new fire pit or table will be ready for the party in no time.

No matter the storage, a branded shed with waterproof features or a simple locking crate, you need a good tough spot to drop your stuff. Once your new storage system is installed you’ll be able to stow your heavy gardening tools and wet or muddy kid toys without a worry. Durable storage is critical for household management and usage, to protect your hobbies and tools from weather and accidents. Get a hand with setting up your storage to get started on your backyard refresh, your new backyard is just around the corner.

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