Garage Door Update/Replace

Salem Garage Door Replacement

The garage door, infamous for noise and slow movement, can be hard to know when you want to look into replacing or repairing your garage door. An average garage door can last between fifteen to thirty years with regular inspection, maintenance, and consideration of your environmental factors. Wooden garage doors can feel the years after working in a moist climate, vinyl can be sensitive to UV rays, and most doors can malfunction when operating in extreme temperatures, both low and high. Here are some signs your door may need some maintenance to remain safe and keep your garage secured:

  • Rust, discoloration, dents, or warping
  • Excessive noise indicative of dirt or debris in the track, or misalignment
  • Broken parts; springs, remotes, lift cables, photo-eye

Other signs can be your photo-eye not triggering at all or sending phantom signals that result in your garage being open all day after “closing” it while leaving, small children or pets being at risk of the door in motion when it can’t sense movement.

Repair and Replace

Misalignments and weak motors can impede the safety your garage door is supposed to guarantee, exposing your belongings or an unsecured entrance to your home to burglars familiar with looking for faulty doors. If you think you may need to replace your door, feel free to get a consultation for your garage! Sometimes the fix can be as easy as some updated parts without having to commit to a whole new installation, get a professional to give some perspective on your options and how it can benefit your home in the future. If it’s a home you’re planning to perhaps turn around at some point in your life, a garage door provides one of the highest ROI rates in home resale to return the majority of the investment to your pocket. A new garage door allows you to explore different options for your security and convenience; lights and activation through smartphones, better insulation to reduce HVAC costs throughout the year, windows, or different types of material to choose from can help you make your home feel personalized and safe. Ironwood Specialities offers both inspection and installation of garage doors for your convenience in your home improvement journey