Home Pressure Washing Service

Salem Home Pressure Washing

Did you know regular washing of your house can improve the lifespan and quality of your exterior? It prevents slow breakdown and damage to your home’s paint, the paint that protects the building from being exposed to the weather. My services can help to keep your house looking bright and fresh while protecting your investment. The outdoors can be harsh to your exterior, common causes for wear and tear are:

  • Mildew and mold
  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt, can especially accumulate during rainy or stormy seasons
  • Natural debris from trees or bushes close to the property
  • Grease
  • Dust and other particulate matter
  • Weeds growing upsides of the building

Fast Pressure Washing

You may be wondering about the difference between power washing and pressure washing. Pressure washing is the usage of pressurized water at colder temperatures like your hose, the high-speed water dislodges and cleans by an applied force. Now power washing is the same, except with the added benefit of heat and cleaning products. By using heated water during the process we can break down and gently remove older grime and debris with ease, additionally, the heated water will kill bacteria and moss growing and help prevent their return. For more stubborn stains or even gentler processes, power washing includes cleaning sprays beforehand or even during to use the right products to impact your surfaces as little as possible. Having worked on all types of homes and businesses over the years I can confidently tackle any house exterior knowing the gentlest, swiftest way to achieve a clean, safe appearance for your home.